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Welcome to Samwanderer Yoga Blog, a sacred space where I, as a wanderer yogi, invite you to embark on a transformative journey with me. 


Through my blog, I aim to share the wisdom I've gathered along the way, offering you a unique perspective on this ancient art.

A Creative Way to Meditate Using Sounds

Melting with Nature: Resonating with Sea through Sound Improvisation

I'm absolutely at peace and love it when I'm surrounded by water and sit on the sand, playing my Rav Vast instrument.

Water is my main element; here, I've found marvelous harmony with the universal divine energy surrounding and creating everything in our world.

It's that Union with Brahman, that absolute, unchanging space of deep quiet of being, in which we're a reflection through our True Self, our Atman, that bright side inside that reflects the cosmic energy of Brahman.

In the past, before completely changing my Life to a new perspective of seeing things, having experiences, and cultivating relationships with others, I was so far from nature and simplicity. My creative side was involved in egoic dynamics that trapped me in a vanities cage of society's approval, needs, and desires of recognition from others. This way of interrelating with art in a toxic way caused me a lot of pain and suffering, not centering myself on what I truly am and what is important in Life, moving forward according to my values.

But something happened in me, and one day I woke up deciding to completely change my Life into something beautiful and unique, following my soul and taking care of my fundamental values. I studied to become a yoga teacher and fused my musical skills with my yogic ones to create an approach to cultivate my inner Self and help people worldwide with yoga techniques and music. And everything changes completely!

Music became something beautiful in which I can truly express what I am in a multifaceted way accepting and embracing all my complexities. It also helped me recover that deep primordial sense of belonging to something bigger than me, identifying it in nature.

Creativity was an occasion to drastically change my habits and routine in something completely new that I was scared of, moving unconsciously towards a "wilder" life using that creative energy not to serve the ego but to serve my Atman, my authentic soul. I started using that creative power to merge myself with nature and adventures, using musical vibes to guide me through discovering ancestral relationships.

This was so beneficial for me, I opened my heart and soul, embracing my Real Self, and finally, I've discovered what I want to pursue and how I want to contribute to this world.

Now I live my composer profession differently, and I also use music, like in this case, to enjoy moments surrounded by nature, with no attachment to the musical results but just flowing with character resonating with, using sounds as an occasion to meditate in a creative way cultivating my yin feminine side, the ancestral power of creativity and empowering my masculine yang side, recharging the battery through sound flow improvisation and finding strength and courage to achieve my aims and spreading my musical and yogic mission worldwide.

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