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Welcome to Samwanderer Yoga Blog, a sacred space where I, as a wanderer yogi, invite you to embark on a transformative journey with me. 


Through my blog, I aim to share the wisdom I've gathered along the way, offering you a unique perspective on this ancient art.

3 Tips for Mindfulness Meditation

"The Principle Less is More Applied to Meditation"

Practicing meditation can be difficult if you're not to get into that, but because there's a misunderstanding in which for meditating you need to achieve that perfect state, impossible to reach.

So what can we do to be more comfortable with our meditation practices, particularly mindfulness? I might say...nothing!

We don't need to be ready to meditate, be perfect, and so on; we just need to be in the present moment; that's it!

Here I suggest 3 simple ways of approaching mindfulness meditation with no ego implications during the practice so that it'll be a genuine spiritual practice for yourself and not an ego challenge.


Just observe it, no matter how it is. See how it moves without labeling it. You'll see that it will change, becoming more regular, deep, and slow, doing nothing more than just simple, pure observation with no judgment.


Find a comfortable meditative sitting position and try to maintain it properly. Feel free to adjust your pose if there's too much physical effort but don't blame yourself if you feel something negative during the practice. Be kind to yourself; we're human and have physical and mental sensations. Observe them without labeling them as ''good'' or ''bad''; just observing them, you'll come with practice more and more in stillness and effortless state.


We have emotions and cannot be in a neutral state of non-feeling; that is the robot's condition. They will come to you, bring attention again to the breath, and don't label the emotions you have during the practice. Just observe and embrace them, passing through not identifying with what you're feeling. We're not our emotions, but more than that!

These three simple tips will help you meditate when struggling with focusing. It'd seem a paradox, but "less is more." If we're fighting ourselves by judging and negatively labeling our practice, we cannot reach that meditative state 'cause we're trapped in the ego's cage.

We need to let go, be kind and embrace things how we are. Meditation will come to you because you'll open the heart's door, creating conditions not to be affected by the ego. Then the magic will happen; You're going to meditate!

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