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1-1 Yoga Class


Vinyasa Yoga 1-1 Lesson

A fully customized yoga lesson according to your needs and goals.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 30 euros
  • Meetup Online

Service Description

VINYASA YOGA Vinyasa yoga, sometimes referred to as "flow yoga," is a dynamic and fluid yoga style that emphasizes the synchronization of breath with movement. In Vinyasa classes, practitioners move through a series of poses, each linked seamlessly to the next through a continuous flow of breath. This style offers a cardiovascular workout, builds strength and flexibility, and enhances mindfulness. Vinyasa yoga encourages creativity in sequencing, making each class unique. It's suitable for those looking for an energetic, fast-paced practice that promotes physical fitness and mental focus. If you have some specific topics you want to cover you can let me know via mail your preferences. before our session and I will create for you a custom yoga lesson. Otherwise we can create something together directly on your live lesson or I just create something helpful for you.

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